Newshosting Review


Newshosting Summary

Newshosting is a premium Usenet service provider operated by Highwinds Media Group. Highwinds is the largest player left in the Usenet market and operates services such as UsenetServer, Easynews and Newshosting. Each service offers quality Usenet access but has different features and pricing between the brands. Newshosting offers industry leading retention and pricing and unlike Easynews and UsenetServer is comes with a custom newsreader which makes the service unique over Highwind’s other properties.

Retention Times

Newshosting has good retention times and ranks with other leading providers. At the time this review was written they offered 2,454+ days of retention which on par with leading providers such as Giganews, Usenet Server, Fast Usenet and Astraweb.

Free Trial

Newshosting offers a generous 30 day 15GB free trial. The free trial is unrestricted and includes access to their newsreader with search, full retention and 30 secure SSL connections.

Service Plans

Newshosting offers three different Usenet plans. Unlimited, XL Powerpack and Lite. Unlimited and XL Powerpack both offer Unlimited downloading. The Lite package offers 50GB/month with roll over gigs.


Download Speeds

Newshosting is the only Usenet provider that offers 60 concurrent connections. Though it’s nice of them to offer 60 connections, most providers such as Fast Usenet will max out your bandwidth with less. But I have to say that Newshosting does offers great speeds and will surely fill whatever size Internet pipe you have.


Newshosting is a highly recommended Usenet provider. They offer great service and great features. Their prices are a little higher then some others providers but the features are worth it. If you aren’t looking for all the fancy features and just want pure Usenet service with great retention and speeds we suggest that you visit our Fast Usenet review.

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