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UsenetServer is a USENET access provider worth recommending. Their pricing is very competitive—excellent, even—but their service level isn’t diminished because of that. They have a very impressive infrastructure and provide fast connections. They also offer a VPN service that provides privacy protection and, as an add on service, their pricing is more competitive, still.

UsenetServer Binary Retention

UsenetServer has made several massive infrastructural upgrades and continues to stay among the top of the retention list. They not only have well in excess of 2195 days retention, they also have a search feature that provides a way to maximize the value of that retention period. It makes searching for binaries and making NZBs very easy, see below.


Pricing for UsenetServer without the VPN service is as follows:

3 days for $3
1 Month for $14.95
3 Months for $39.95

The 3-day subscription does not include SSL encryption on the server connections and is limited to 10 connections.

You have the option of adding the VPN service to the USENET service and getting a significant discount. To add the VPN service, it costs:

$0.99 to add VPN to the 3-day subscription
$4.99 to add VPN to the 1 Month subscription
$12 to add VPN to the 3 Month subscription

The VPN service can also be purchased as a standalone service for $11.99 per month or $30 for 3 months.

UsenetServer Free Trial

UsenetServer has a nice 14 day / 10 GB free trial -Click here for details. If you sign up for the VPN service, you can get that added to the free trial, as well, offering you a 14-day free trial on two different services.

UsenetServer Coupons

To save almost 50% (if you are a first time customer) and signup for UsenetServer’s $10/month package use this link and click here. This is a very good value and a limited time offer so click here and take advantage of it while you can. Also if you can sign up for a year then you drop the price down to less than $8/month. Use this link and click here for the yearly special. If you sign up for a 1 year subscription, you get the VPN service for free!

UsenetServer Speed

UsenetServer connects directly with hundreds of broadband access providers in addition to multiple Tier-1 bandwidth providers. Any limitations on your bandwidth will flow from your connection speed, not UsenetServer’s. Their company’s infrastructure is very large and doesn’t restrict your bandwidth.

All UsenetServer accounts come with 256-bit encryption with the exception of the $3 for 3 days plan. If you do want SSL encryption on that plan, however, it’s available for $2 more. This is a reliable provider in terms of their security. They do not log on their VPN service.

Other Nice Features

UsenetServer offers a global search feature which is a nice addition. The service actually allows you to search all the binary newsgroups without subscribing to them, and to generate NZB files from your results. If you want, you can bundle all your NZB files into one and download it with SABnzbd or any other downloader that handles NZB files.


The performance, reputation and pricing with UsenetServer are all excellent. This is a good provider and, by adding the VPN service, they’ve upped the value of what they’re offering. The privacy protection is excellent on both services and this company can certainly handle very active users with fast connections.
Usenetserver Vs. The Competition

The recent addition of the VPN service packaged with the USENET access gives this company a real advantage. It’s likely that many people who have one of those services would also be interested in the other, and having them both come from the same provider—at a discount—is very convenient. The VPN service is definitely up to standards.

This provider is all about value. If you haven’t either of these services yet, this is a good way to get them. It skips the step of finding a good USENET provider and a good VPN provider separately. UsenetServer has great privacy standards with both products. The 3-Day account is a great way to try out the service with all the features you want to experiment with. The 14-day free trial is also a great offer.

Click here to sign up for Usenet Server

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